All you can eat
Brazilian BBQ and original
Homade cuisine
"By Brazil loves supporting the arts and the community, so you will always see artwork from local artists on its walls. If you are an artist or know anyone that would like to show their work, please feel free to contact us"
By Brazil restaurant is proud to serve original Brazilian barbecue and home made style cuisine. Opened since 1991, it has captivated and introduced many people to this rich side of Brazilian culture: it’s cuisine! To make sure that your experience is complete, we also provide a great range of original Brazilian beverages, cocktails, appetizers and desserts. Our staff is bilingual and very friendly. So if you have any
questions or want to learn a few Portuguese words, all you have to do is simply ask.

From the simple dinner, to the world traveled, from a diet regimen, to simply enjoying the pleasures of life, we hope that you will enjoy the experience of having one of our most traditional meals: the Churrasco! A typical Churrasco, is an all inclusive Buffet of traditional Brazilian dishes and an assortment of all you can eat BBQ meats, carved right at your table.